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Business Analyst Training from Industry Experts


Business Analysis with Healthcare domain knowledge combines with Business Analyst skills to give a customized skillset for an individual looking to make a career as a Business Analyst in the Healthcare domain. This explores many business processes, use cases at every point of contact where the patients interfaces with the healthcare professionals. A Business Analyst should equip with clinical trial knowledge and with various tools usage like HPQC- ALM, MS Visio, Rational rose etc.

Introduction to Business analysis

  • Importance of BA
  • Business architecture
  • Role and responsibilities of BA
  • How different is IT BA & Health care BA
  • Software development Life cycle
    • Waterfall model, V model, Iterative, Incremental models
    • Agile Methodology 

Business analysis planning

Enterprise analysis

Requirement analysis

Requirement elicitation

Requirement management & communication

Solution assessment and validation

Underlying competencies    

Types of requirements and documents to understand and prepare by BA

Software Engineering principles, OOAD & UML

Introduction to US health care system


  • Health care in US
  • Health care reforms and other mandates
  • Jobs in health care industry as a BA
  • Regulations, compliance and mandates
  • HIPAA Law
  • Terms and terminology
  • Managed Health concept
  • Different integration points of health care transactions
  • How health insurance system works in US
  • Types of health insurances
  • Health insurance concepts   
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Claim management system
    1. Claims processing
    2. Claims adjudication
    3. Claims pricing
    4. Claims payment    
  • Types of transactions
    • Manual vs electronic transactions ( EDI) 
  • Different type of Codes 
  • Claims life cycle from billing to payment
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Care management
  • Case management
  • Recent amendments in health care sector






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